I’m Lindy Houston, also known as Miss Moss Vibes; a native Texan. As an entrepreneur, loving wife, and caring mom of three, my life journey birthed my driven desire to create well-being on many different levels – starting with my home, my local community, and extending to the world.

My interests in fitness, mental health, and a lifelong love of nature led me to a vision that combines creativity, functionality, and holistic well-being. I was able to discover my blossoming passion in biophilic art and established my Moss Vibes business in 2020.

As my love for the company and vision grows stronger, I too continue to evolve along my own journey. Through Moss Vibes and its sub-brands, I strive to build a legacy. One that can connect to all ages and gender identities.

Let’s make this a magical reality... Not only for those reading this, but for the greater good of so many others!

Invest in the person.

Invest in the vision.

Invest in Moss Vibes.


Miss Moss Vibes