ABout Miss MOSS Vibes

Na’Moss’te/ Greetings

So glad that you stopped by to visit my site Moss Vibes. 

I am Lindy Houston, a Biophilic artist based in Dallas Texas. I curate and design customized Moss Vibes Art (for businesses, clients and galleries) that breathes serenity and exuberance to “phigital” - physical and digital - spaces in order to enhance your creativity, radiate positive energy, connect you to the natural elements  and create a space for you to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

By definition, Biophilic design can reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity, improve our well-being and expedite healing. Biophilic art is a process that helps us to deepen a connection with our natural selves and a love of life and nature.

Moss Vibes has evolved into a wellness ecosystem inspired by the human mind, connections with nature and cosmic energy.

I continue to expand the Moss Vibes brand beyond the physical artwork, apparel and products into other innovative digital designs with my first NFT series called ‘Duck It’. I ,Miss Moss Vibes, invite you to join my community by supporting my NFT collection to learn more about the moss vibes story, build a bond of growth and evolving oneself, gaining a strong sense of purpose, raise environmental awareness and feel a significance of positive emotional wellbeing. 

By joining my NFT community, it will give you access to exclusive content and services so you can create/experience impactful engagement, add new tools in your toolboxes to live a healthier lifestyle and develop new ways to feel connected while regaining control over your body and mind... A portion of your contribution will go towards the Moss Vibes Foundation that supports PTSD / CPTSD mental health awareness.

In closing, this brings me to an announcement of what’s to come in the future! Soon, I will be launching more on the roadmap about the vision and plans for Moss Vibes Wellness Energy Centers IRL and the meta verse! Stay tuned by subscribing to the site.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy browsing the site, the Duck IT NFT collection and Moss Vibes shop.


Lindy Houston 

💚Miss Moss Vibes💚