A unique collection of MOSS VIBES™ merchandise created and sorted with exclusive designs and more!

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Moss Vibes NFT will be a variety collection of series
from the artist Miss Moss Vibes. She is the owner and creator behind the
scenes and is connecting you to a love of art and nature biophilically.

  • Lindy Houston

    Lindy Houston is a "BIOPHILIC" artist from Dallas Texas. Her vision for Moss Vibes is one of developing a love for self, nature and evolving ones journey for a connected feeling in the collective as a whole. She is a vibrant energy bringing creativity, productivity and well being into your life!

    Come read more about Lindy and her journey through Moss Vibes.

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  • Commission

    Miss Moss Vibes infuses her positive energies in forms of art such as sculptures, signs, design and more! Contact Moss Vibes for inquires on a custom piece for your business, gallery, home etc..

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  • Growing Together

    Our focus as community is to grow and learn together. Raising children of our future generations, part of our mission is to involve our community with events, social gatherings, classes, and more. Contact us to learn about what we are up too! Subscribe to our email to hear about exclusive offers and sneak peeks to whats coming soon!

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