Glass Locket Jewelry Necklace Bracelet Cufflink Set

Locket Luxury

It is with immense excitement that I introduce to you Locket Luxury, an extraordinary jewelry line poised to redefine luxury in biophilic design. – Lindy Houston.
The synergy of art and nature lies at the heart of my creations, allowing you to carry a piece of tranquil beauty wherever life takes you. Within Moss Vibes, I have embarked on a journey to seamlessly blend the enchanting allure of nature with the finest jewelry craftsmanship. My signature collection features a stunning range of stainless steel silver bracelets, cufflinks, and pendant necklaces, each graced with hand-filled, resplendent moss that infuses an enduring touch of elegance into each piece.
My journey as a visionary biophilic artist and nature enthusiast is intricately woven into every piece of my exquisite jewelry collection. The vibrant tales of my experiences inspire me deeply, and my creations reflect the profound bond I share with moss and nature inspired landscapes. My creations aren't just jewelry; they're tangible tokens of nature's embrace, grounding the very essence of my story within delicate mosaics of moss and energy.
Be a part of this beautiful collective in supporting your own journey of exploration within, feel connected more to the world around you each new day, or find something that resonates with you to share with others that you love. Each one is unique and waiting to be selected to join the story telling journey of your life that you are meant to share!