NA'MOSS'TE Series Root Chakra Stone - DISC

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NA'MOSS'TE SERIES Root Chakra Stone Disc - Root Chakra, also known as the Muladhara Chakra, is the foundation of our energy system, providing us with a sense of grounding and stability. To support your Root Chakra healing and alignment, we offer a beautifully handcrafted resin stone infused with the energetic vibration and color of the Root Chakra.

Our Root Chakra resin stone features a deep, rich mossy red color, representing the grounded and earthy energy of the Root Chakra. With its smooth, tactile surface, this stone is perfect for use in meditation, chakra healing, and grounding practices.

To use your Root Chakra resin stone, hold it in your hand, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. As you exhale, feel the energy of the stone flowing into your body, helping to release any blockages or tension in your Root Chakra. Visualize the energy of the Root Chakra spreading throughout your body, bringing a sense of grounding, safety, and stability.

Allow the energy of the Root Chakra to nourish and support you as you move through your day, helping you to feel more centered, present, and connected to the Earth.

US Artist | Lindy Houston is behind Moss Vibes and the Namosste collection - a line of apparel and accessories designed to connect individuals with the healing and grounding energy of nature. With a passion for biophilia and a love for vibrant colors and organic textures, this artist brings a unique perspective to the world of fashion and sensory tactile products. Each piece in the Namosste collection is infused with mindfulness and heart, creating a powerful and meaningful connection between the owner and the natural world. Explore the collection and experience the transformative power of Moss Vibes.

Disc Design | Our sensory tactile chakra stones, infused with the power of moss and color therapy, can help you unlock and balance this powerful energy center, allowing you to access your deepest insights and inner vision. Place it on your meditation altar, carry it with you throughout the day, or use it in your creative practices to enhance your intuition and imagination. Awaken your third eye and experience the magic of the unseen world with our third eye chakra resin poured piece.

HEMP BAG | Each piece comes with its own carrying bag for your travel conveniences. (Bag color may vary)

UNIQUE | No two pieces are identical, color might vary slightly from photo.

Delivery | Stone is custom made and can take approximately 5-8 business days to ship once order is completed. You will be notified once this item ships to you.