NA'MOSS'TE Series Crown Chakra Stone - DISC

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NA'MOSS'TE Series Crown Chakra Stone - Experience the power of the crown chakra with our exquisite resin poured stone. Infused with the essence of moss and the healing energy of the crown chakra, this stunning piece will elevate your meditation practice and enhance your spiritual journey.

The crown chakra, located at the top of the head, is the center of spiritual connection and enlightenment. Our crown chakra stone is carefully crafted to resonate with this powerful energy center, allowing you to access your highest self and connect with the divine.

The rich, deep purple color of the crown chakra is expertly captured in the resin, creating a beautiful and tactile representation of this energy center. Whether you're using it in meditation, as part of a chakra-balancing practice, or simply as a stunning piece of decor, our crown chakra resin poured stone is a must-have for anyone seeking spiritual growth and personal transformation.

US Artist | Lindy Houston is behind Moss Vibes and the Namosste collection - a line of apparel and accessories designed to connect individuals with the healing and grounding energy of nature. With a passion for biophilia and a love for vibrant colors and organic textures, this artist brings a unique perspective to the world of fashion and sensory tactile products. Each piece in the Namosste collection is infused with mindfulness and heart, creating a powerful and meaningful connection between the owner and the natural world. Explore the collection and experience the transformative power of Moss Vibes.

HEMP BAG | Each set comes with its own carrying bag for your travel conveniences (Bag color may vary)

UNIQUE | No two pieces are identical

DISC DESIGN | Each stone represents one of the 7 chakras most recognized - Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras. Each has a color of moss that helps you recognize each chakra and which one you are working with. They can be used for color therapy as well as Reiki practices as well. 

Delivery | Stone is custom made and can take approximately 5-8 business days to ship once order is completed. You will be notified once this item ships to you.